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Web Applications and Subscription Based Web Services

Web Services

“I need a website, but it also needs to run my business” - It’s not an uncommon request for us to receive. We start with analysis and by working with you to understand how your business operates we define an application that fits.

Web Applications

Sometimes your business does not need just a website and instead, you may be after a service that provides core functionality for your business.

Online banking is a good example of a web application as it has been specifically designed to perform one task, the management of your secure finances and personal information efficiently and securely.

Other web apps could be things like an online retailer such as Amazon or eBay.

If you have a specific task that you need your business users to be able to carry out either in the office or from home or out on the road, then a web application is often the best solution. Web apps provide a system where your users can securely access your companies information and make updates or changes to information specific to your customers, sales, purchases or any other aspect of the business.

Subscription Based Web Services

An important part of our business is the creation of Web Services, these are websites where a user or business can sign up for and pay a subscription to use the facilities of the website. A good example of this is our Easy Salon Management service that customers like Hair Salons or Beauticians use to provide booking services for their clients. Other systems we have currently provided include Invoicing and Stock Control which are in use within a number of companies.

We have a number of different subscription-based services in development at the moment and these will be shown in Our Work over the coming months.

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Our Ethos

Our Ethos

We always work closely with our clients to learn their real requirements and working methods to allow our creations to match your needs and work practices. We are approachable, friendly and professional.