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Espionage Clothing

Espionage Clothing

Espionage are a leading clothing importer and sales company based in Bradford who specialise in large size clothing.

We have created a comprehensive stock control, purchase and sales order system to help simplify day to day operations of the business.

Project Details

Our challenge was to create an easy to use replacement for a largely MS Excel and paper based office system used for the ordering and sales of clothing from their warehouse.

To help Espionage get a system that would really work for them, we had extensive meetings at their premises to discuss their requirements and plan a system that would meet their needs and be easy to use and implement.
  • Full active stock control.
  • Purchase order system which can be easily updated and monitored.
  • Sales system comprising of sales orders, picking and advice notes all the way through to Invoicing and later manual input into Sage Accounting software


We have created simple data entry forms that would dynamically and seamlessly update as they were completed, to make creating sales and purchase orders a reliable and simple operation.

Full stock databases were created to give reliable physical and virtual stocks of an item as Purchase Orders are finalised and deliveries received.

A comprehensive sales order system that allows sales orders to be easily created, and for those orders to be dispatched either fully or partially as goods are available for dispatch.
  • Secure access to the system so customer data and order information is private and not accessible to un-authorised access over the internet.
  • Automated database backups so company data is always safe in case of datacenter hardware failures.


The system we created for Espionage clothing was purely an intranet system with no customer facing pages at all, so there is not to much to show you, but it handles their complex stock control, purchasing and invoicing simply and efficiently.

We provide ongoing support for the system when ever it is needed by the client.

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Our Ethos

Our Ethos

We always work closely with our clients to learn their real requirements and working methods to allow our creations to match your needs and work practices. We are approachable, friendly and professional.