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Cromwell Industrial Tools

Cromwell Industrial Tools

Cromwell Industrial Tools is the largest British owned Industrial Distributor with over 1,500 employees.

Our lead developer worked with them for a year developing applications for their finance team to optimise their production of invoices and improve performance chasing bad debtors.

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Project Details

To create easy to use applications that would help day to day office and financial services operations.
  • Create a user friendly experience.
  • Making efficient changes to a companies existing business processes.


We created applications that allowed them to improve cashflow into the company and reduce the number of accountants required to do the work, this meant large salary savings and increased earnings for the company.

Applications were also created for their warehouse operations to manage stock control and purchases.
  • Make ease of use a priority.
  • Improve efficiency of business systems


Our developer created numerous backend systems for the company and their intranet, these systems improved efficiency and had a massive effect on productivity for departments throughout the company.

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Our Ethos

Our Ethos

We always work closely with our clients to learn their real requirements and working methods to allow our creations to match your needs and work practices. We are approachable, friendly and professional.