Starting your journey into eCommerce

Starting your journey into eCommerce

When you make the big decision that it is time to start selling your goods or services online there are a lot of things to think about and consider from the start. Let’s outline them below and guide you through each one.

One question that can determine your future success is the system you use to sell your goods online, there are a vast array of options for private customers and companies large and small, here are the different ways to sell online

Online Auctions

For many people their first experience of buying and selling online is with an online auction service such as eBay, this offers a simple method of selling to a vast audience looking for things to buy. You can list your own items easy to sell either as auctions or in an eBay store that you can set up. You do need to bear in mind the cost of selling through a service like this, a handy calculator to work out your potential fees is eBay Fee Calculator.

Online retailers

You can sell your goods to the large retail audiences of Amazon and or personalised or handmade products then Etsy cannot be beaten. Like selling through an auction site using an online retailer also incurs fees depending on if you are a private or business seller, these charges can add up quite considerably if you sell a large volume of products. An explanation of Amazons fees and services is available in detail for individuals and businesses.

Social Media

Facebook provides another solution for online sales with the MarketPlace facility; this provides an easy way for users to sell to other Facebook users. It is a superb way for individuals selling items like us old folks used to in the good old days through the local newspapers classified ads. How long ago does that seem – meh!

Online Shopping Site Builders

You can also use a service such as Shopify or Wix to build an eCommerce site for you using a template system that lets you use predefined pages and layouts to sell your products; these are a good starting point for small retailers looking to start in eCommerce for themselves. Making life a little more straightforward, is always good – right? Well not always, using services like these restricts you to how their designs are intended tp work and the facilities they provide, unlike with using your website and eCommerce system that you have complete control over. You can learn more about the fees for Shopify and Wix by having a nosey at their sites.

Your website

As a web development agency with many years of experience in eCommerce, we believe this is by far the BEST way to advertise yourself and sell your goods or services to a potentially global audience. Most importantly with your eCommerce site, you are in total control of how your products are displayed and how you sell them.

When we build an eCommerce site, it is entirely bespoke and tailored to how your business operates and is created to work with any product or service that you wish to sell to customers whether they are private individuals or Business Clients (B2B).

As part of our service, we can also create your eCommerce site so that you can also use it to sell through Amazon, eBay or Etsy at the same time. Building an eCommerce site like this means you do not have to control those outlets separately, which can be a bit of a nuisance, so we make it easier by showing any sale made on your site or the other stores is reflected in stock availability on the others almost instantly.

We provide full stock control for products that you wish to sell, and even for selling items that rely on multiple parts to be available, for instance, a black T-shirt and a Transfer needed for the final printed T-shirt design is sold. The products you can sell are not limited in any way, as long as they are legal of course, and the listings in your store can have multiple variations and options for the potential buyers.

When you add a new product to sell on your site, that product would also instantly be available to customers on Amazon and eBay if you wish to sell on those outlets, so your products have the highest exposure possible to potential buyers, making it so much easier for you guys. That is what we want to do for you, your business is extremely important and we make sure that we cover every angle to help you run your business with ease.

In conclusion

We really hope you enjoy your journey into eCommerce and if you decide to work with us then that would be fabulous as well, the choice is an important one and all the routes to eCommerce have their advantages. We would just like you to make the choice that is right for you and your business. As you the customer are our priority.

The “bespoke vs template” question

When you are planning a new website one of the first questions you should ask yourself is “Should I have a bespoke website or a template website made by a CMS?”

The second question to ask is “Do I want to be unique or the same as everyone else?”

The answer to both of these should be the same, “I need a bespoke website because I don’t want to be the same as everyone else. I want to be better!”

Let me explain the differences between bespoke websites and template websites.

Template websites

A template website is a generic, ready-made site that is available for anyone and any number of people to purchase. The purchaser of the template site can choose from a set of pre-designed templates, change the colours and add their own logos and images. This can be done by either supplying the developer with your content to update the template or by using an inbuilt Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress or Drupal. These pre-built websites are generally not very flexible and the owner is limited to the functionality of the template they have purchased.

A template website is very often cheap to purchase because they have already been built and sold on to many different people. However, there are many drawbacks to using a template website. The choices for customisation are often very limited which will make the job of applying your own brand and identity to the site very difficult. The functionality of the layout and navigation of the site may also not suit the purpose of the site and can be detrimental to the overall user experience, which can turn your customers away to look elsewhere very quickly and of course because they are sold multiple times there will be a lot of websites that look exactly like yours.

A common problem found with template websites is that they are built using substandard and outdated code. This has a negative effect on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as finding and indexing keywords is made more difficult. It also affects the compatibility with browsers and increases the time it takes for the page to load – this can be very frustrating for the end-user. There are also often security problems with these websites as because they are so common hackers develop ways to exploit them to plant malware and viruses which will definitely put off visitors to your site.

Bespoke websites

A fully bespoke website is unique and tailor-made to the specific requirements and demands of your own specific business only and designed and built by companies like Coded Creations that specialise solely in bespoke development. A bespoke designer and developer will spend time analysing your requirements in the finest detail and will work with you at every stage of the project to create a design that is unique to you. This allows the identity of the business and its brand to be consistent throughout the site and will make sure its users have the best possible experience using the system.

Bespoke websites give you complete control of the design and functionality of the site and are created using the latest coding standards to ensure your site works consistently on all devices and browsers. The designers will also take time making sure the website works with many different types of web browsers and that the design looks good on all mobile and tablet devices.

A bespoke website can adapt and change as your business grows or changes so that future expansion and changes to the site can be made with as little hassle as possible.

Although a bespoke website can initially be more expensive and will usually take longer to implement than a template website. But with a good bespoke web design company, you have access to a much wider and extensive experience, that provide advice and information to help you ensure that your online presence does the things you need it to do, not only for today but for as long as you have the site.

This is partly what you are investing in when you pay a bit more for a bespoke site.

To sum up

At the end of all this you truly do get what you pay for as with most things in life, a bespoke website will give you the best service, features, functionality and ease of use that you could ever wish for, but in the short-term it does cost more, but the cost is recovered very quickly in the increase in sales and customer loyalty that a great bespoke website can bring to your business.

A template website can get you seen quickly on the internet and it might get you some customers quickly when you first start off on your website journey, but you will soon be replaced by someone else using a similar template website selling the same products or service that you do, because all template sites look the same and work the same so you have to work a lot harder to keep the customers you get with them often by having to sell your products or services more cheaply.

If you make the choice that we hope you will and you decide to have a fully bespoke website to perfectly fit your business then Coded Creations are the company to deliver your perfect site.

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Free technical support for all our clients

As a valued client of Coded Creations you would receive FREE Technical Support for all the code and databases created by us for your website, this means that we would always be on hand to fix problems if in the unlikely event that they should ever occur with your site. If any of our original code is involved, then we will make sure we correct it for free.

Our free support means as a customer of ours you are safe in the knowledge that no unexpected bills will ever appear on your site or its hosting.

As well as free support our sites are constantly backed up and monitored for hacking attempts, so your site and your customer’s data are always safe and protected.

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BBC News: Firms face £17m fine if they fail to protect against hackers

Firms face £17m fine if they fail to protect against hackers –

Coded Creations are great believers in making sure all the sites and projects we produce are protected against hackers. No site that we have produced has ever suffered data loss through hacking attempts so far and we will make sure things always stay that way.

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